Accueil Actu La confé­rence de presse en vo de Federer, very intéressant !

La conférence de presse en vo de Federer, very intéressant !


Q. Did you say any thanks to the rains, the first delay ? I think the rain hel­ped you. 

ROGER FEDERER : Look, I don’t know. 

Q. To find your game. 

ROGER FEDERER : I didn’t win the final, so it obvious­ly didn’t help that much. 

Q. It’s awful­ly soon after­wards, but how much can you appre­ciate what a fan­tas­tic match you were a part of ?

ROGER FEDERER : Well, sort of. I mean, it’s sort of always nice to be part of them, you know. Probably later on in life, you know, I’ll go, That was a great match. But right now it’s not much of a how do you say a feel good thing, you know, or a posi­tive thing to end this match. But from my side I thought I played well, you know, and eve­ry­thing. Missed too many chances obvious­ly in the first couple of sets. But Rafa played well, you know. I’m hap­py we lived up to the expec­ta­tions, you know. I’m hap­py the way I fought. That’s all I could real­ly do. 

Q. Was it too dark to play ? 

ROGER FEDERER : What can I tell you ?

Q. Should it have had a bet­ter finish than that in near darkness ?

ROGER FEDERER : It’s hard to tell. Look, it’s over, so… What’s the point arguing about it ? It’s the way it is. 

Q. Of all the shots that you’ve hit in your career, where would you rate the back­hand that kept you in the match down match point ?

ROGER FEDERER : Sure, I mean, it was an unbe­lie­va­bly impor­tant shot, you know, to hit. Probably was one of my first real­ly back­hand pas­sing shots I hit all match. You know, to save it for match point was obvious­ly great, espe­cial­ly after I think Rafa’s shot. He hit just the pre­vious one, the fore­hand, you know. The pas­sing shot he hit I thought it was all over real­ly. So for me to come up with that one was a great fee­ling. I had to turn it around and push it to the fifth set, was awe­some. I real­ly thought, you know, with win­ning last year in five, with the momen­tum, that it was going to be enough. But, you know, it wasn’t, so it was quite unfortunate. 

Q. How would you des­cribe what Nadal did today ? 

ROGER FEDERER : Uhm, I think he played well. You know, I mean, I think he was rock solid the way we know him. He’s defi­ni­te­ly, you know, impro­ved his game, you know. But I think since the begin­ning of the year he’s been playing well. He’s been playing very consistent. He’s playing bet­ter on the qui­cker courts. I don’t think he real­ly nee­ded a match like this today to real­ly prove himself. 
But for some only tro­phies count. I sort of agree to some stages. But, no, I mean, he’s a great com­pe­ti­tor, you know, a great player to play against, and I think he did very well today. 

Q. What was your thin­king on the very last shot when it was get­ting so dark ? Did you just think, I’ll try to get it over and let him deal with trying to see it, try to get it back ? 

ROGER FEDERER : I don’t know. I was thin­king first should I go up the line or cross court, and then I chose cross court and mis­sed it. So, yeah, I mean, look, by that time maybe it was all over any­way, you know. But, yeah, maybe shouldn’t have mis­sed the shot. Maybe wouldn’t have mis­sed that on some other occa­sion. Who knows. 

Q. Did you make any ques­tion about the light to any­bo­dy or you just kept playing ? 

ROGER FEDERER : Kept on playing. I didn’t argue. I think I guess I would have said some­thing if I would have bro­ken back to go, what was it, 8 All. Yeah, because, I mean, it wasn’t pos­sible to play any­more, so… It would have been bru­tal for fans, for media, for us, for eve­ry­bo­dy to come back tomor­row. But what are you gon­na do ? It’s rough on me now, obvious­ly, you know, to lose the big­gest tour­na­ment in the world over maybe a bit of light, you know. It’s not the first time any­way against Rafa. Lost to him in Paris as well in the semis. So it’s not a whole lot of fun, but it’s the way it is. I can only congra­tu­late Rafa for a great effort.

Q. Do you think the last chance you had to win this match was when you had a break­point to go 5 3 in the fifth or later on ? 

ROGER FEDERER : No, I mean, the chances were always there. I mean, I was ahead in the score, so that put pres­sure obvious­ly on Rafa. I think I did well on a couple of big games to come back, you know, from Love 30, 15 40, and that increa­sed pres­sure even more against him. I think I had once also maybe 30 All later on, or Love 15. I could have maybe put him under pres­sure just a lit­tle bit more, but I couldn’t be put myself in posi­tion. The one break­point I had, I mean, he hit a great fore­hand. I couldn’t real­ly do a whole lot on that one. 

Q. You lost 11 break­points out of the first 12. For what rea­son was that ? You were ner­vous. Some returns were not at your usual stan­dard, in my opi­nion. What do you think about it ?

ROGER FEDERER : I mean, I wasn’t hap­py the way I was playing break­points ear­ly on, no doubt, except the one I made. It was fan­tas­tic. I was defi­ni­te­ly strug­gling in the wind a lit­tle bit. It was very gus­ty ear­ly on. It was tough condi­tions, you know. Well, some­times Rafa played great. He came up with some unbe­lie­vable pas­sing shots when he nee­ded to, you know. And then other ones I played poor­ly on them, which I just think maybe I should have real­ly deci­ded much more what I real­ly wan­ted to do, you know. But Rafa keeps you thin­king, and that’s what the best players do to each other in the end. Rafa also mis­sed many oppor­tu­ni­ties later on. You always makes it hard for the opponent, and that’s what we both do to each other. 

Q. We know how much you res­pect him. Especially after that tie­brea­ker, were there any points in there where you’re thin­king, This kid has to fold up now ? He has to be a lit­tle bit men­tal­ly cra­zy ? A couple times you were down, ser­ved your way out of some real holes. Did you think at any point that he’s got to crack at some stage ?

ROGER FEDERER : Not real­ly. I was just hoping, you know, or I was seeing that he was get­ting very ner­vous, you know, in that, what was it, fourth set tie­brea­ker where, I mean, I think he should have never lost the brea­ker in the end, you know. But he was real­ly ner­vous. He didn’t make the returns he usual­ly does. He couldn’t play aggres­sive. I played some okay shots, and it was enough to come back. So, I mean, I real­ly thought, you know, that he was fee­ling it real­ly a lot, you know, maybe the first time in his life. So I was hoping, like I said, with the momen­tum going into the fifth set, that it was going to be enough just from my end that I would play a lit­tle bit bet­ter. But I couldn’t real­ly, you know, play maybe my best when I real­ly had to. And towards the end, like we know, with the light, it was tough. But it’s not an excuse. Like I said, Rafa ser­ved well and played well and deser­ved to win in the end. 

Q. You have such a deep love of the game and res­pect for it. The match today had so many ele­ments, such a high level. Leading com­men­ta­tors are alrea­dy tal­king about it being the best match in the his­to­ry of this game. Could you reflect on that. Can you sense people would put it in that strong context already ?

ROGER FEDERER : Yeah, I mean, look, it’s not up to us to judge if it was the best ever. I think it’s up to fans and the media to debate. I’m hap­py we put in a great effort, Rafa and myself. You know, it was a fair bat­tle, which was tough with the rain delays. You know, some great points. Really I just think we both played tough till the very end, you know. In ten­nis, unfor­tu­na­te­ly some­times there has to be win­ners and losers. You know, the­re’s no draws. But I real­ly had to push hard to come back. And I wasn’t able to break him, I guess, in the last three sets, but still I pushed him right to the edge, you know. I guess, you know, with the fading light even the vic­to­ry became even more spe­cial, simi­lar to, you know, when Pete won his, what was it, 14 again Rafter, you know, also in the fading light. That loo­ked incre­dible. I wish obvious­ly it was me with the tro­phy, but that’s the way it is now. 

Q. Was this the tou­ghest match of your career ? 

ROGER FEDERER : Probably my har­dest loss, by far. I mean, it’s not much har­der than this right now, so…