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Murray évoque l’opération


Après avoir annoncé son forfait pour Brisbane, Andy Murray a publié un message sur ses réseaux sociaux où il explique qu’il prendra une déci­sion en fin de semaine concer­nant l’Open d’Australie. Le Britannique évoque égale­ment l’idée d’une opéra­tion à la hanche : « L’opération est une option, mais les chances d’un résultat positif ne sont pas aussi élevées que je le voudrais, raison pour laquelle il s’agit d’une possi­bi­lité secon­daire que je souhaite éviter. Néanmoins, je vais devoir la consi­dérer. » De nombreux obser­va­teurs de la petite balle jaune se montrent pessi­mistes quant au retour d’Andy Murray en raison de sa hanche doulou­reuse. L’opération sera‐t‐elle la seule option pour le revoir prochai­ne­ment sur les courts ?

Hey everyone.. Just wanted to write a little message on here for anyone inter­ested in what in going through right now. Firstly I want to apolo­gise to @brisbanetennis for with­dra­wing at late notice and to everyone who wanted to come along to watch me play(or lose????) The orga­ni­sers couldn’t have been more unders­tan­ding and suppor­tive and I’ll always remember that. Thank you. I’ve obviously been going through a really diffi­cult period with my hip for a long time and have sought council from a number of hip specia­lists. Having been recom­mended to treat my hip conser­va­ti­vely since the US Open I have done every­thing asked of me from a rehab pers­pec­tive and worked extre­mely hard to try get back on the court compe­ting. Having played prac­tice sets here in Brisbane with some top players unfor­tu­na­tely this hasn’t worked yet to get me to the level I would like so I have to reas­sess my options. Obviously conti­nuing rehab is one option and giving my hip more time to recover. Surgery is also an option but the chances of a successful outcome are not as I high as I would like which has made this my secon­dary option and my hope has been to avoid that. However this is some­thing I may have to consider but let’s hope not. I choose this pic as the little kid inside me just wants to play tennis and Compete.. I genui­nely miss it so much and i would give anything to be back out there. I didn’t realise until these last few months just how much I love this game. Everytime I wake up from slee­ping or napping i hope that it’s better and it’s quite demo­ra­li­sing when you get on the court it’s not at the level you need it to be to compete at this level. In the short term I’m going to be staying in Australia for the next couple of days to see if my hip settles down a bit and will decide by the weekend whether to stay out here or fly home to assess what I do next. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop and get this off my chest as it’s really hurting inside. Hope to see you back on the court soon 

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