AccueilInsoliteMarco Cecchinato : "Je commençais à pleurer au téléphone avec ma maman"

Marco Cecchinato : « Je commençais à pleurer au téléphone avec ma maman »


Behind the Racquet nous régale, et Marco Cechinnato nous livre encore une fois un témoi­gnage poignant, visi­ble­ment le joueur possède une ultra sensi­bi­lité qu’il essaye tant bien que mal d’ap­pri­voiser :  » Etre dans un endroit et un envi­ron­ne­ment complè­te­ment diffé­rents, de Palerme à Caldaro, m’a beau­coup fait réflé­chir. Je n’ai jamais eu l’im­pres­sion d’être chez moi, plus d’ap­par­tenir à un autre pays. Ce fut un choc pour moi. Pendant mon temps libre, quand j’étais seule, je commen­çais à pleurer au télé­phone avec ma maman. D’autres fois, je m’al­lon­geais dans mon lit et regar­dais le plafond jusqu’à ce que je m’en­dorme. Quitter le tennis n’a jamais été une pensée concrète, mais cela m’a traversé l’es­prit plusieurs fois au cours de cette période. J’étais trop déter­miné à bien faire et à conti­nuer. Mon coach, Sartori, a toujours cru en moi et m’a motivé à tout donner, quoi qu’il arrive. Je peux voir pour­quoi les gens pensent que les joueurs de tennis sont un peu psycho ; nous vivons des moments très frus­trants et brutaux et la semaine suivante peut être très enrichissante. » ⁣⁣

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“Being in a comple­tely different place and envi­ron­ment, from Palermo to Caldaro, made me think a lot. It never felt like I was home, more like I belonged to a different country. It was all a shock for me. During my free time, when I was alone, I would start crying over the phone with my mom. Other times I would be laying in bed and stare at the ceiling until I fell asleep. Quitting tennis was never a concrete thought but it did cross my mind a few times during this period. I was just too deter­mined to do well and keep going. My coach, Sartori, always believed in me and moti­vated me to give it my all, no matter what. I can see why people think tennis players are a bit psycho ; we deal with times that are very frus­tra­ting and brutal and the week after can be so rewar­ding. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ When I met my girl­friend Peki, star­ting our rela­tion­ship helped me tran­si­tion into beco­ming a man. Interesting enough it corres­ponds with the time period when I started to win and climb up the rankings. Peki is a few years older than me, with a stable job and two kids. To keep up with her I had to grow up fast. I’ve learned a lot from her and I’ve matured on and off the court. This helped me deal with so many different situa­tions throu­ghout the last two years. Her kids were two and four years old, now five and seven. The three of them lived in a city in northern Italy, that I now call home. Funny to think about all my time complai­ning about northern Italy and now I am ‘that guy’! The moments I realized she was ‘the one’, I also had to accept that she came with kids, not just herself, and I was never going to be her #1 prio­rity. I would start this new life journey imme­dia­tely as a family, not a couple. While figu­ring out how to manage the situa­tion, we knew most impor­tantly we wanted to be toge­ther. I’ve always been stub­born, chal­len­ging and at times hot headed, but that has changed a lot since her. I have become a family man. I feel stronger, more mature and braver than ever before. I’ve also learned so much from these kids and I have tried teaching them every­thing I know, trea­ting them like they are my own.” @ceck1⁣ ⁣⁣ Go to for extended stories, podcast and merch.

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