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Pierre‐Hugues Herbert : « Au début, les gens de ma ville natale pensaient que nous étions fous avec mon père »


Pendant ce temps de confi­ne­ment, Behind The Racquet en profite pour nous proposer un casting plus tendance que lorsque le circuit bat son plein. L’Alsacien Pierre‐Hugues Herbert a donc joué le jeu et comme c’est un « bon » client, sa prose est toujours très inté­res­sante d’au­tant que son parcours est un peu atypique. Un parcours où son papa a joué un rôle clé : « Quand j’avais 13 ans, mon père a cessé de travailler pour voyager avec moi à plein temps. Il y avait déjà une pres­sion de ne pas être trop riche et main­te­nant mon père ne gagnait plus sa vie. Les gens de ma ville natale pensaient que nous étions fous. Ils ont vu mon père arrêter et quitter son emploi d’en­traî­neur au club pour voyager avec moi et ils ne l’ont pas compris. Quand j’y repense, je comprends fina­le­ment ce qu’ils ont ressenti. Tout ce que je sais, c’est que nous avons vu une petite chance d’avoir ce que nous avons main­te­nant et nous avons su la saisir. »

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“When I was 13, my dad stopped working to travel with me full time. There was already pres­sure from not being too wealthy and now my father wasn’t making money. People from my home­town thought we were crazy. They watched my dad stop quit his job as a coach at the club to travel with me and they didn’t unders­tand it. When I think back, I see what they saw. All I know is we saw a small a chance to have what we have now and we had to go for it. Even if you are top in the world as a kid, the chance of beco­ming a top profes­sional tennis player is beyond a small percen­tage. My family took some big risks that paid off and what I achieved is for all of them. We made many big deci­sions. Our family is five in total, with an older sister and younger brother. This deci­sion my dad made affected everyone. Not only was my family making less money, now my father was away from my siblings for long periods of time. There was a lot of pres­sure on the whole family to also keep up with the expenses of travel. Thankfully I had some help from spon­sors, but that came with extra pres­sures. My dad traveled with me through the under 14,16 and 18 divi­sions. The balance felt comple­tely different in the family. He was mostly just taking care of me. It was one of the toughest expe­riences for not only me, but my family. I was lucky to have my whole family so suppor­tive and behind this project. My mom swit­ched jobs and started to work at home so she had time to look after my brother by herself. When you are working towards some­thing so large it is not only you, it wasn’t only my dad and I, my whole family was involved in the process. It was tough for me to deal with the idea that my brother, who is 15 months younger, was growing up without a father. It was the same with my sister as she was fini­shing up univer­sity and trying to enter the working world. No matter what I always tell people, I make sure they know my family was a big part of my journey even though my siblings think they didn’t do much, and my mom didn’t travel. Even after the struggles, we were united.” @pierrehuguesherbert Go to for extended stories, podcasts and merch.

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