Accueil WTA Bencic : "J'apprécie davantage le tennis"

Bencic : « J’apprécie davantage le tennis »


Encore une très belle confession sur le compte Instagram Behind the Racquet. Celle de la joueuse suisse dont la carrière a été déjà très mouvementée. Comme elle l’explique avec sincérité, tous les chemins sont formateurs. On a choisi d’extraire un passage : « Ce fut une énorme lutte pour faire face à la pression de devenir tôt le top 10 mondial. Je crois vraiment qu’une fois que j’y suis arrivée, mon corps me forçait à prendre un peu de temps, que quelque chose n’allait pas, et c’est pourquoi je me suis blessée. Je pense que tout cela est arrivé pour une raison. Après j’ai tellement appris sur moi-même et sur ce sport en remontant le chemin qu’aujourd’hui j’apprécie davantage le tennis. »

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“It was a huge struggle to deal with the pressure of becoming top 10 in the world early on. I truly believe that once I made it there my body was forcing me to take some time off, that something wasn’t right, and that’s why I got injured. I think it all happened for a reason. I learned so much about myself and this sport while working my way back. I appreciate tennis more. I fully believe that if I didn’t get injured I would be completely exhausted in a few years. It would have only been a matter of time until I felt burnt out so I am happy it happened now. I was lucky to gain this experience while I was still extremely young and ready to fight back. I broke into the top 10 for the first time at St. Petersburg in 2016. Then soon came Miami where I got my first injury, which led to many others. A severe wrist problem came and I tried to avoid surgery while playing for nine months. April 2017, I finally decided to get it done. I was out for about six months and my ranking dropped to 350. Tennis is super difficult because you never stay where you are, you are either going up or down. As a junior, you just play, everything is exciting and new. You have nothing to lose, you don’t overthink anything. While I moved to the top of the sport I just felt too young for all of it. The media attention is something you cannot prepare for, especially if you aren’t naturally open like I am. I never had to deal with something not going my way in my career, and now any failure was directly in the spotlight. I didn’t enjoy simply playing tennis anymore. I was never one that wanted to be in the spotlight off the court. It was a relief after I got my surgery that I could start new again. I started again, not playing in front of anyone, no one judging me and I found to love it all again. I could have taken wild cards or a protected ranking but I wanted to build my confidence and love again. I began to remember what it was like to appreciate every win and every minute on court. To take a second and remember you worked so hard to get to compete against players I used to watch on TV when I was younger.” @belindabencic Go to for extended stories, podcasts and merch.

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